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Epic Relief: Intro to Relief Printing, start to finish.


Epic Relief: Intro to Relief Printing, start to finish.


Epic Relief: Intro to Relief Printing, start to finish.


Instructor: Jenny Gringer

Date/time: Tuesday, Oct 3 and 10, 6:30-9:30pm  
Registration Deadline Saturday, Sept 23

Cost: $145

Description: This course aims to familiarize new printers with the basics of relief printing process and materials that are easy to work with, use at home, and get great results.  This course will take participants through the process of designing a print block, using transfers (as needed for images and/or text), carving, printing, utilizing colors, matting, and framing.  Students in the first class with work on design, carving, and end with a run of 8 prints (using 2 different kinds of paper).  Class two, the following week, will allow students an opportunity to explore different kinds of finishing (exploring ways to add color with watercolor, ink, and/or colored pencil), learn how to edition their final prints, mat their favorite, as well as explore other ways to utilize their print blocks (demonstrating how to print on fabric and use wheat paste adhering to alternative surfaces).   Note: all students will be provided with their own ink, brayer, linoleum cutter so they will have the materials they need to continue their work at home.  OPTIONAL: students can bring a 16x20 frame to the final class and walk away with a finished piece that is ready to hang.

Prerequisite/skill level: Beginner-Intermediate

Age group: 14+


Instructor Bio: Jenny is a self-taught printer. She’s spent the past 3 years studying and honing her skills in relief printing and experimenting in alternative ways to add color to finished prints.  Her work has been featured in several publications, marketing, shown in galleries in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois, as well as a solo show at CSPS Hall in Cedar Rapids in August 2017.  Art has been her passion since the age of 4 when she picked up a marker, drew an army of snowmen (accidentally) in a library book, and had to confess her crime to the children's librarian.  She plans to bring this level of lawlessness, unorthodoxy, and enthusiasm to class.

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