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Intro to Letterpress


Intro to Letterpress

intro to letterpress.jpg
intro to letterpress.jpg

Intro to Letterpress


Instructor: Violet V.

Date/time:  Nov. 4 + 5, 1-5pm

Cost: $102

Description: A weekend course in the basics of the intricate technique of letterpress printing. The first day will cover the theory (terminology, equipment, the mysteries of the type case, and more); the second will cover the practice (setting type, lock-up and make-ready on the press, and printing). This course will give students a basic overview of ICPC’s three presses and collection of type, preparing them to take more advanced workshops or work on their own projects.

Prerequisite/skill level: Beginner

Age group: 14+

Instructor Bio: Violet Virnig transplanted herself from Missouri to Iowa City five years ago with no plan, and she’s quite confident that it was a good idea. She studied printmaking at Truman State University, focusing on silkscreen and letterpress, and has kept up her art practice as a member of the Iowa City Press Co-op.

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