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Intermediate Mokuhanga


Intermediate Mokuhanga


Intermediate Mokuhanga


Instructor: Patrick Casey

Date/Time: Monday, March 26 & April 9, 6-9p, and Saturday April 14, 12-5pm

Cost: $135

Description: This course is a three week expedition into the world of Japanese woodblock printmaking. No prior Moku Hanga experience is required, however participants should have some experience with relief printmaking. The main focus of this course will be block and paper preparation, inking and printing. Moku Hanga is a wonderful alternative to Western style printmaking, as it does not require the use of dubious chemicals or a printing press. Every technique we learn can be recreated at your home! I hope that students will gain an understanding of the intricacies of Japanese woodcut and an appreciation for the unique quality of prints produced.

Prerequisite/skill level: Intro to Mokuhanga preferred, but experience with relief printing required.

Age group: 14+

Instructor Bio: Patrick Casey recently received his MFA from the University of Iowa's Printmaking program. Working primarily in the disciplines of printmaking and science fiction, his work explores who we are and what we may become. Essential is a willing suspension of disbelief combined with the freedom to speculate on and invent ethics or experiences that are just emerging and those that have yet to occur, as well as a desire to be cool.


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