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Monotype Printing


Monotype Printing


Monotype Printing


Instructor: Emily Jalinsky

Date/time: Saturday, October 21, 12-5pm

Cost: $80

Description: Learn how to create monotypes using printmaking inks and watercolors, printing by hand and with a press. This technique allows for a painterly approach to printmaking and is a great way to explore imagery in a new, transformative way! Great for beginners and seasoned artists alike.

Prerequisite/skill level: Beginner

Age group: 14+

Instructor Bio: Emily Jalinsky received her degree in printmaking from the University of Kansas. Her work moves between the worlds of print and mixed media, emphasizing the use of the multiple. She continually combines smaller pieces together to create larger compositions including prints, assemblages, and installations. Emily lives and works in Iowa City, IA where she resides on the board for Public Space One and helps facilitate and teach at the Iowa City Press Co-op.

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